Our Mission – Tiger Wrestling

Our Mission

Littleton Youth Wrestling’s (LYW’s) mission is to develop and execute a wrestling program for the Town of Littleton and to teach the children of the community the sport of wrestling, instilling the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority. This will be accomplished through programs of organized competitive and recreational wrestling and programs designed to educate and develop wrestlers, coaches and referees.

The program will help Littleton children to:

  • Learn how to wrestle and work together in the spirit of teamwork.
  • Make friends, have fun and experience a sense of community
  • Gain self-confidence while learning self-defense, fitness and strength training
  • Learn and experience behaviors for self-discipline and self-improvement
  • Compete and learn how to demonstrate good sportsmanship

Littleton Youth Wrestling is committed to stopping all forms of bullying to create a safe environment for learning in both sports and school.  All our wrestlers sign the following pledge:

LYW Anti-Bullying Pledge

“I agree to help prevent bullying. I believe that everyone should be able to feel safe, secure, and accepted regardless of ethnicity, gender, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, religion or nationality.”

By signing this pledge I agree to:

… S upport those who have been subject to bullying.

… T each by example treating others with respect.

… O pen my eyes and be alert to all incidents of bullying.

… P revent bullying by reporting any suspicious behavior.

Signature: ____________________________________________