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FAQ – Nashoba Tech Wrestling COOP

Q. How much does it cost to wrestle in the Littleton High School (LHS) / Nashoba Tech (NT) COOP?
A. There is a $200 fee that is paid to Nashoba Valley Tech.   This is the same fee Littleton Athletes already pay for participation in sports so there is no extra cost to participate in the Coop.

Q. What do you need from me to participate besides payment?
A. Every athlete needs a physical before the season starts or have had physical within the year of season.  Each athlete will fill out a consent form, weight certification form,
and an Emergency form

Q. What are the rules for participation?
A. Student-Athletes are required to follow the rules in both schools handbooks.  (NT and LHS)

Q. What Equipment do I need?
A. The Only equipment needed is wrestling shoes all other equipment is supplied NT

Q.When does the practice start?
A. Official practice starts November 27 and runs through February 24

Q. Where do I practice?
A. NT has its own practice room at 100 Littleton Rd, Westford.  You will want to park in the back.

Q. What day/time is practice?
A. Practice is every day 3:00-5:00 pm at the above location.

Q. When is competition?
A. Dual meets are usually held on Wednesday evening, Quad meets or Tournaments are on Saturdays

Q.  What League to we compete in?
A.  NT competes in the Colonial Athletic League and we are in Division 3 North Section

Q. WIll I wrestle kids that are older or bigger than I am?
A. You will wrestle kids at your weight but not always same age or grade

Q. What are the weight classes?
A. Weight classes are as follows: 106-113-120-126-132-138-145-152-160-170-182-195-220-285

Q. Will transportation be provided?
A. Transportation is provided to all Competition but athletes must find there own transportation to practices

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