Tiger Wrestling

2021-2022 Wrestling is open for registration until December

Ready To Wrestle!

Registration is open to all boys and girls, grades kindergarten through 8th grade. Late registrations are accepted on an as-available basis.

Registration with our program is FREE

Littleton “Tiger Wrestling” does not charge for membership; however, for insurance reasons we also require all participants to be registered as active members of USA wrestling; see link here for the USA Wrestling Folkstyle Membership:

As an official Massachusetts USA Wrestling Club wrestlers will also have the option to participate in 2021-2022 Folkstyle wrestling tournaments

Registration is therefore a 2-Step Process.
Step 1) Create a Free USA Wrestling Membership and Affiliate with our club
Step 2) Complete the form below

No experience necessary!

Athletes may participate on a recreational basis; tournament participation is optional. However, we may elect to invite teams from neighboring communities to join us for friendly scrimmages and joint practices.

Practice Schedule: 12/13/2021 – 03/16/2022

See Calendar here

Time: Monday & Wednesday 6:15 to 7:30 PM

Major Holidays and days when The Littleton Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather

Location: Shaker Lane Gym, Shaker Lane Elementary School, Littleton, MA (please access the school via the rear entrance)

We need help immediately prior to and following practice sessions with the setup, cleaning and stowage of the wrestling mats.
Athletes should be on hand by 6:15 PM at the latest.
***As always, snow days and school holidays can result in the facilities not being available. Alternative practice sites may be planned during school vacation periods when possible.
Please enter in the back of the building. The back door to the gym is across from our wrestling storage shed. You will need to go up a small hill, near the baseball field. If the door is closed please knock and we will open.

Please enter in the back of the building.  The back door to the gym is across from our wrestling storage shed.  You will need to go up a small hill, near the baseball field.  If the door is closed please knock and we will open.

Dress Code for Practices:
Wrestlers should bring clean wrestling shoes and headgear for practices. Wrestling shoes should not be worn outdoors. Do not wear clothing with zippers, snaps, or other metal attachments on the mats as these pose a safety risk.

Wrestling Gear
If you’re just getting started, it’s good enough to just have a T-shirt, shorts, wrestling shoes and headgear for practice. Mouthpieces are only required for kids with braces.
We will also have a shoe swap which will allow wrestlers to swap shoes with other members when they no longer fit.

What Wrestlers Need for Practice Overview:

  • Clean athletic shoes or wrestling shoes, t-shirt and shorts
  • Thermos of bottle of drink to stay hydrated
  • Head Gear will be provided and must be worn for safety
  • No Jewelry
  • Fingernails neatly
  • If braces are worn a mouth guard is required.

We encourage parents to help with set up and stowage of mats before and following practice; please let us know if you are interested

Coaches Wanted!
Littleton Youth Wrestling is an all-volunteer organization (donation funded .org). We are currently looking for assistant coaches and volunteers. Being an assistant does not require you to have experience in wrestling, just a willingness to participate and supervise the youngsters. All volunteers who interact with wrestlers will need to complete a CORI background.

NO WRESTLING OR COACHING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! If you want to volunteer to be a coach, PLEASE ask– we are happy to have you.

***Please note that these practices are suitable for ALL kids who want to learn/try the sport of wrestling.
Board members are required to participate in board meetings and facilitate the working of the wrestling program. Even if you don’t know a takedown from a half-nelson (and don’t want to know) you can help make our program successful.
To keep the program healthy and financially stable, we may organize several fundraising events each season. We also welcome your active participation in all other aspects of the LYW organization. There will be many opportunities to help out and get involved during the course of the season. We appreciate your input and look forward to your involvement in making this a better program for all the kids!

President and Coach – James Kennedy
For more information contact us at jkennedy@mbateam.com or
Call my cell phone 978-590-1460

 Program objectives are:

  1. To support pro-social engagement of children around the sport of wrestling
  2. To provide one hour of physical activity including but not limited to running, falling, rolling, jumping, crawling, spinning, and actually wrestling with peers
  3. To teach children to appropriately engage with others around sport, follow multi-step directions, balance, flexibility and coordination
  4. To build physical strength using various games, drills, and physical contact with other children

For questions regarding this program, please contact Coach James Kennedy at 978-590-1460

Registration is a 2 Step Process.  

Step 1) Create a Free USA Wrestling Membership and Affiliate with our club 

Step 2) Complete the form below.